what’s the process for submitting an article?

Please review our submissions guidelines here before submitting an article. Once we receive your article our editors will reach out within a few days with edits. You will have an opportunity to review our edits before final publication.

Can I submit an article anonymously?

Yes! We understand there are instances in which anonymity is the only way a writer will feel comfortable coming forward. In an effort to encourage discussion we accept anonymous submissions here. We do not automatically publish all anonymous submissions.

Do i have to write in english?

Absolutely not! Though most of our articles are published in english, we welcome and encourage articles in different languages. For editing purposes, we ask that you submit an english translation along with your article.


how do I get involved?

All members of the SIPA community - including admitted students and alumni - are encouraged to contribute their voices! Send us an article by following our guidelines posted here. If you are interested in a more serious role - such as a staff writer position, board position, artist or photographer - please email us at tmpsipasubmissions@gmail.com.

why hasn’t tmp written anything about ____?

We get this question a lot. TMP is a publication by and for SIPA students. While we have amazing staff writers, most of our content comes from guest contributors - people like you, our curious readers! If you have an idea for an article we encourage you to write the article, or feel free to send us pitches.

I don’t have MUCH writing experience, can I submit an article?

Yes definitely!