The SIPA Follies are HIRING!

Striking while you still got us in mind! As you all know the SIPA Follies Mismanagers are hoping to drag three of you into this mess. While we have "official" positions in mind, please understand that although you will have a primary responsibility you WILL be working on EVERY aspect of the show. Why? BECAUSE IT IS A LOT OF WORK.  

The positions we are seeking to fill are: 

  • First Year HYPE Person - You will be in charge of organizing most Follies events and publicizing them around the school. This makes you our point person for the Spring Auction and overall Social Chair. 

  • Deputy Stage Manager - You will be taking care of anything logistics in relation to the show. Props, stage placements, logistics, all sorts of behind the scenes stuff. 

  • Music Director - We need someone who knows their music theory in order to make sure our singers sound passable during the show and to help make sure our musical numbers are decent. 

PLEASE REMEMBER - Mismanagers must be willing to perform in the SIPA Follies opening number and to join us in fundraising activities. While we are accepting applications for both first and second year students, we are hoping to build a strong transition team for next year. First years, please apply knowing that if successful you are assumed to be taking over the 2020 show and will be groomed accordingly.

Click here to apply.

Who are the Follies Mismanagers?

For too long, the Follies Mismanagers have hid behind the Guy Fawkes mask. We’ve cast away our weird teenage obsession with V for Vendetta and starting with the gender-netural person in the mirror to make a change. Before you join us, get to know us!

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 9.24.03 PM.png

Alicia Gorecki

“Creative” Director

Hailing from California where she did improv and sketch on a tiny community theater stage that was conveniently located on a street named Broadway, Alicia’s had “Broadway Star” on her resume ever since.

SIPA Acronyms: EE, TMaC, 2nd yr

Character she wants to play: Lucille Bluth

04FE4DDA-E4A9-4958-AF0A-45E60D40BEDD - Brandon Tyler Thompson.JPG

Brandon Thompson

Head Writer

Growed up down in Alabama on an acorn farm.  Moved to Nashville after gettin’ his learnin’ to make it big (at a computer store) before finding his way to Morningside Heights.  Spends most of his time these days looking for Jenny and Lt. Dan.

SIPA Acronyms: ISP, TBD, 2nd yr

Character he wants to play: James Bond except the Melissa McCarthy version is most fitting.

Arya Harsono

Media Guru

Crashed landed from Indonesia via Hollyweird.

SIPA Acronyms: EE, TMaC, 2nd-Yr J-term

Character he wants to play: Ryan Seacrest during the American Idol glory days.

WhatsApp Image 2018-10-04 at 8.18.11 PM.jpeg

Julie Tumasz

Social Chair

Travels the world collecting M’s. She loves to party and she loves filmmaking.

SIPA Acronyms: DP, TMaC, 2nd-Yr

Spirit Animal: A mouse, duh.

IMG_5258 - Fernando Armendaris Puente.JPG

Fernando “Fez” Armendaris

Hype Man

Fez is hoping to make the jump from his Danny Zuko days to upstage LMM as Hamilton or Usnavi from In the Heights. He is basically obsessed with Lin Manuel Miranda and is a little frustrated that Lin doesn’t retweet any of his tweets.

SIPA Acronyms: DP, 2nd year, (BAB) boss ass b*tch



We know nothing about him other than that he said yes to managing our spreadsheets. According to this picture from Facebook, he might have been an interpretive dancer before SIPA.

SIPA Acronyms:  ISP, 1st Year

Want to see yourself here? We’re hiring new Mismanagers! Stay tuned for our recruiting program in the coming weeks!


You may have seen posters around SIPA advertising events sponsored by SIPA Follies, and thought to yourself, “What is SIPA Follies? And how did they know I love Elon Musk?” In an effort to be more transparent, we’ll admit to being a front for Cambridge Analytica.


Though we pride ourselves as the jesters of SIPA, the 30-year history of the Follies Mismanagers reveals that the role of Follies at this institution is more important than our current reputation suggests.

If you thought that Follies is just for clowns, think again. According to a 2007 edition of SIPA News, Juliet Wurr, who founded the SIPA Follies in 1988, is now a Foreign Service Officer at the U.S. Department of State. Many SIPA alums have cited Follies as one of their more memorable experiences at SIPA - even more than watching Gerratana wipe chalk dust all over his pants. Our annual Spring show has been the talk of IAB for generations!

The modern iteration of the SIPA Follies is one focused not only on making the student body laugh (that’s what SIPASA is for), but also being the one group that is bold enough to tell it like it is. SIPA Follies has been selling out (it’s your only option with an MPA degree) for years – from the lowly days of Alice’s Cafe (Publique before it was worse) to the cultured stage of the Apollo, to that other, much smaller side stage at Carnegie Hall. No need to practice, practice, practice!

In order to produce an unbridled Spring showcase that speaks to every faction within SIPA, we’re seeking talented individuals who will help us produce a show that’s one notch higher than “rotten” (60% and above, which, at SIPA, is a B+).

What’s that you say? You’re not a “talented individual”?


Would you look at that? You’ve already made us laugh.

You, dear reader, are a beautiful human being filled with wonderous talents. You’re studying at an Ivy League, where world leaders flock to reassure the public that nothing’s wrong. You are among experts who affect meaningful economic policy.

And you have the gall to blatantly lie to us that you aren’t talented?

Take a look in the mirror. Really take a moment to grasp what it is your seeing. Stare deeply into the eyes that beam back at you, follow it down to the edges of your nose, to your wonderfully voluptuous lips. Do you know what you’re looking at? Do you know what you are capable of?

We do. And that’s why we want you.  

Don’t waste your group project qualms on your unsupportive Facebook feed – vent on the stage to a captive audience! Don’t complain to your high school friends that your peers at SIPA have started another chat without you – call them out on the screen! Don’t tell the world about the bullshit that you have to go through at grad school, show them!

Besides, how else will employers know that you can be a creative and welcome contribution to their company?

If you want to find out more (or if you got a kick out of those wholesome compliments and want more endorphins), stop by our first Scriptwriting Session of the year next Tuesday, October 9th! Details to come!