Scott's Pizza: Week 4

By Scott Belding

Scott loves pizza, and he lives in New York. There is no better excuse to explore all of the pizza haunts this great city has to offer. If you didn’t see his piece last week, you can find that here. Buon appetito!

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Pizza Cotta Bene Gowanus

>$2 slices, 10PM

Good cheese and tasty sauce, but the ratio of all three ingredients is a little off. You’re probably better off with more heavily topped pizzas, as the lackluster crust overwhelms the simpler pies. Reasonably nice hybrid of slice counter and sit-down restaurant.


Photo: Zupermar

Photo: Zupermar

Patzeria Family & Friends Theater District

table service only

For all it has to support, the crust does a terrific job. The sauce, cheese, and especially toppings are thickly piled on, so the taste of the crust is somewhat subsumed by its role as pillars of cheese support. The cheese deserves that support, as it is delicious, though the tomatoes on top are cut a little thick. Good stuff all around.


Photo: Patzeria Family & Friends

Photo: Patzeria Family & Friends

Rocco’s Bedford Park

>$2 slices, 11PM

Near the Botanic Gardens, Rocco’s serves up big, hefty slices laden with somewhat rubbery cheese and a lot of dough to throw around as well. The sauce is a little sweet but ultimately inoffensive. Good price. Roller rink cafeteria vibes in the interior.


Photo: Zupermar

Photo: Zupermar

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