Scott's Pizza

By Scott Belding

Scott loves pizza, and he lives in New York. There is no better excuse to explore all of the pizza haunts this great city has to offer.

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Perfecto Upper West Side

>$3 slices, 10:45

Doesn’t look like much, but it sure is comforting. Crust is a little too thick and doughy, but it all works.


Photo: Zomato

Photo: Zomato

Lions & Tigers & Squares Chelsea

>$5 slices, 4AM

Thick squares of Detroit-style pizza baked in individual pans. Yes, it’s five to ten bucks per portion, but you get a serious amount of pizza return on your dollar. The pans mean a lot of crispy crust edges, which work wonderfully with the punchy tomato sauce and flavorful toppings. Hearty!


Photo: Eater NY

Photo: Eater NY

Margot’s Clinton Hill

whole pizzas only

If you are lucky enough to win the ticket lottery for this pop-up experience hosted within the friendly confines of Emily, what a prize you will receive! Every element seems like it was painstakingly researched to be as savory and delicious as possible. The crust is a marvel of thin dough engineering, with a crispy cheese perimeter. The sauce bursts with an unprecedented amount of flavor, and the cheese gets better with every bite.


Photo: Margot’s

Photo: Margot’s

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