An Ode to Google Drive

By The Policy Verse

Founded in the 1800s as a means of fomenting British support at Columbia University, The Policy Verse has grown into one of SIPA's most secret, prestigious, poetry collectives. Their current work centers on struggles with core classes, dealing with subletters, and in this case, not being super good at math. All poetry members swear by blood oath (but, like, not a REAL blood oath) to keep each other's identities secret. Membership inquiries are only considered when Mercury is in retrograde.

The midterm season befalls us, fair students of Morningside. 

Carolers have been heard through the halls of IAB, an ode to google drive gently gliding through the air....

Oh google drive, oh google drive

How lovely your cloud storage size

Oh google drive, oh google drive

I wish thou were better organized

Let us all appreciate

How templates eas'ly procreate

Oh google drive, oh google drive

I'll never let you leave my side

Alexandra FeldhausenComment