The SIPA Follies are HIRING!

Striking while you still got us in mind! As you all know the SIPA Follies Mismanagers are hoping to drag three of you into this mess. While we have "official" positions in mind, please understand that although you will have a primary responsibility you WILL be working on EVERY aspect of the show. Why? BECAUSE IT IS A LOT OF WORK.  

The positions we are seeking to fill are: 

  • First Year HYPE Person - You will be in charge of organizing most Follies events and publicizing them around the school. This makes you our point person for the Spring Auction and overall Social Chair. 

  • Deputy Stage Manager - You will be taking care of anything logistics in relation to the show. Props, stage placements, logistics, all sorts of behind the scenes stuff. 

  • Music Director - We need someone who knows their music theory in order to make sure our singers sound passable during the show and to help make sure our musical numbers are decent. 

PLEASE REMEMBER - Mismanagers must be willing to perform in the SIPA Follies opening number and to join us in fundraising activities. While we are accepting applications for both first and second year students, we are hoping to build a strong transition team for next year. First years, please apply knowing that if successful you are assumed to be taking over the 2020 show and will be groomed accordingly.

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