Who are the Follies Mismanagers?

For too long, the Follies Mismanagers have hid behind the Guy Fawkes mask. We’ve cast away our weird teenage obsession with V for Vendetta and starting with the gender-netural person in the mirror to make a change. Before you join us, get to know us!

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Alicia Gorecki

“Creative” Director

Hailing from California where she did improv and sketch on a tiny community theater stage that was conveniently located on a street named Broadway, Alicia’s had “Broadway Star” on her resume ever since.

SIPA Acronyms: EE, TMaC, 2nd yr

Character she wants to play: Lucille Bluth

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Brandon Thompson

Head Writer

Growed up down in Alabama on an acorn farm.  Moved to Nashville after gettin’ his learnin’ to make it big (at a computer store) before finding his way to Morningside Heights.  Spends most of his time these days looking for Jenny and Lt. Dan.

SIPA Acronyms: ISP, TBD, 2nd yr

Character he wants to play: James Bond except the Melissa McCarthy version is most fitting.

Arya Harsono

Media Guru

Crashed landed from Indonesia via Hollyweird.

SIPA Acronyms: EE, TMaC, 2nd-Yr J-term

Character he wants to play: Ryan Seacrest during the American Idol glory days.

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Julie Tumasz

Social Chair

Travels the world collecting M’s. She loves to party and she loves filmmaking.

SIPA Acronyms: DP, TMaC, 2nd-Yr

Spirit Animal: A mouse, duh.

IMG_5258 - Fernando Armendaris Puente.JPG

Fernando “Fez” Armendaris

Hype Man

Fez is hoping to make the jump from his Danny Zuko days to upstage LMM as Hamilton or Usnavi from In the Heights. He is basically obsessed with Lin Manuel Miranda and is a little frustrated that Lin doesn’t retweet any of his tweets.

SIPA Acronyms: DP, 2nd year, (BAB) boss ass b*tch



We know nothing about him other than that he said yes to managing our spreadsheets. According to this picture from Facebook, he might have been an interpretive dancer before SIPA.

SIPA Acronyms:  ISP, 1st Year

Want to see yourself here? We’re hiring new Mismanagers! Stay tuned for our recruiting program in the coming weeks!