TMP Editorial: Sexual Harassment on Campus

Following images may contain stories of sexual assault, harassment, and racism.

The 2018 executive board of The Morningside Post firmly believes that we have a responsibility to let all members of our community have access to information that may affect their safety and physical and mental wellbeing. The Morningside Post believes in the community’s willingness to hold one another accountable and treat each other with respect. Below are collections of images that we believe highlight the ways that toxic masculinity manifests itself in harmful and, perhaps, dangerous ways on our SIPA campus. This collection is about one person, and we believe it emphasizes a need for community self-reflection and greater administrative accountability.

Please note that although the text message screenshots are generated to reflect the hushed nature of how these stories are told to one another, the contents of the messages are real life experiences that people shared with us in confidence. We will not disclose the names of the sources for personal safety reasons, but we confirm that the stories are credible. We want to let the greater SIPA community know that these stories are often whispered amongst us, albeit cautiously.

If you would like to talk to a professional, here are the University-wide network of resources for support:







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