Macro Limericks to Ease the Pain

By The Policy Verse

There once was a fellow named Groll,
His shirts were plaid and his economics were swoll,
On the black board we-go-through
Finding that GDP grew,
For graduating is our goal.

There once was an economist called Tom,
Who urged U6301 students to stay calm,
And then we-go-through
With chalk red, green, and blue,
Chanting “Y=C+I+G+NX” like a psalm.

There once was a young macro professor,
Paola Valenti’s Germanic successor,
And then we-go-through,
And coming to SIPA we rue,
For aren’t economics just another tool of the oppressor?

There once was a sad SIPA scholar, 
Whose econ scores kept getting smaller,
8 months of supply and demand,
Feeling like one of the dammed,  
But we’re done forever tomorrow, so holler!