Students React to Illegal Dumping on Fourth Floor IAB

By: Anonymous

On Wednesday April 24th at approximately 10:50am two small poops were spotted on the floor of the women’s bathroom on the fourth floor of IAB. The poops sat inches away from the toilet, in the first stall on the right-hand side as you enter the bathroom.

Women could be heard chattering about the poop throughout the fourth floor. One student took a photo of the poop and showed it to other students in her class. When asked why she took the photo, the student, who wishes to remain anonymous, replied “I wasn’t sure if it was a poop or a fruit bar”. 

Two hours later, at 12:50pm, only one poop remained sitting on the floor. It is unknown what happened to the missing poop. Women interviewed for this story were astonished by what they saw. Some wondered why anyone would deliberately poop on the floor. Another wondered how a person made it to graduate school without learning the socially acceptable way of relieving oneself.

At a school for international studies with an international student body, students are encouraged to consider and respect cultural difference. But one student was adamantly intolerant of the situation: “I grew up on a military base on the Indochina border and I can tell you the norms [for using the bathroom] are the same wherever you go”.