Student Leaders Preview Potential Orgsync Replacement

By: Brittany Cronin

On Tuesday April 16, student leaders were invited by the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) to meet with representatives from Campus Groups, the platform for managing student organizations that is on the shortlist to replace Orgsync. Three student representatives from SIPASA and one representative from The Morningside Post attended the meeting to preview the new platform and provide student feedback.

SIPA’s contract with Orgsync is set to expire at the end of the spring semester. Columbia Business School, already in its own process of transitioning away Orgsync, recommended Campus Groups to SIPA OSA. Campus Groups was originally developed for business schools, including the Kellogg School, the Wharton School, and Stern School of Business. In the meeting with student leaders, Campus Groups representatives noted that many of their clients transitioned from Orgsync to Campus Groups, so they were familiar with some Orgsync’s limitations.

Campus Groups integrates many features student organizations already utilize into one platform, with a downloadable application for easy phone access. Features include a text messaging capability to allow students to exchange individual and mass text messages. The platform also has a robust mass email feature with sample templates and widgets to drop in things like events, the names of executive board members, or the organization’s tagline, directly into the emails. For events, students can sell and purchase tickets directly in the platform. The platform is also able to generate QR codes for student groups and individual students, intended to streamline checking in at events or signing up for student organizations.

The students in attendance reacted positively to Campus Groups, “oooing” and “ahhing” throughout the presentation. SIPASA student life chair Taylor Light commented that “it looks like Instagram on your phone and Facebook on your desktop, which I think is effective for student usage”. Some students worried that the new platform would be difficult for students to become accustomed to. Dean Shapses, who organized the meeting with Campus Groups, did not share that concern, emphasizing that incoming students will learn the new platform during orientation, and that they will never interface with Orgsync.

The contract with Campus Groups has not been finalized, so not all features previewed in the meeting are guaranteed to be included in the rollout this fall. Regardless, with Orgsync on its way out, returning students are in for a surprise this fall.

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