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Taking Up Space (@Sipa and beyond)

As graduate students, it can sometimes feel like we’re all fighting for a seat at the table. But being conscious of who should fill that seat is key. Or once we’ve decided to take that seat, realizing that having a seat is as much about listening as it is contributing. We don’t need to command every space we’re in. It’s important to lean in sometimes, but other times we can sit back, and just listen.

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Getting Heard at SIPA: Students Campaign to Improve SIPA’s Curriculum

Last December, The Morningside Post – under the leadership and guidance of Ali Feldhausen – created and administered a survey to gauge student feedback on SIPA’s professional development offerings. The results were telling: 42% of students gave the professional development (PD) course a “poor” rating, while only a combined 8% described the same class as “Excellent” or “Very Good.”

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Shakir Out, Scare Tactics In

In January 2019, SIPA students met with rights advocate Omar Shakir in the occupied West Bank. As Israeli authorities prepare to revoke Shakir’s lawful work permit on April 30th, Columbia student leaders question the suppression of free speech Israel’s ‘democratic’ state.

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Turning Plastic into Policy

At just 24 years old, Boyan Slat is a youthful Dutchman with a passion for conservation, and an incredible drive to clean up the world’s oceans. He’s devoted the past five years of his life to fighting marine pollution through designing an innovative waste catchment system to trap and collect ocean plastic that is currently being implemented in the Pacific Ocean.

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Open Letter on Exploitative Photography

On the topic of photography of capstone projects at a February SIPA Liason Orientation, a presenter commented that “office or domestic photos” are not as interesting as “those in an African village.” SIPA students speak out against perceived encouragement of “poverty porn” by the SIPA administration, and offer steps the administration can take to implore students to refrain from taking and sharing exploitative photography of affected populations and communities.

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Breaking the Loop

In response to controversy surrounding the SIPASA budget meetings, Ali Feldhausen writes, “we love to revel in other people’s flaws and point out how we are better. However, the reality is that unless we are actively taking steps to improve our community and change SIPA’s shameful lack of awareness around race and intersectionality than we can claim no moral high ground.”

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