More Math, More Problems

Ask Us Anything: Leading up to fall orientation TMP will respond to your questions. First years, what do you want to know? Submit your questions here! We’ll post your questions and our answers throughout the summer.

I would love to learn some tips and tricks to brush up math and economics and how to really just warm up to being back to school after a long working gap. 

All math you need to know in order to succeed at SIPA will be covered during your one-week orientation. While it might seem daunting at first to take a crash course that covers everything from basic algebra to multivariable calculus in such a short time frame, the purpose is to simply refamiliarize you with the concepts before beginning micro and macroeconomics. During these two courses, the professors will go further in-depth on how to apply these mathematical concepts and why they are relevant to the subject matter.

Some find math camp very similar to the quantitative section of the GRE. Khan Academy has a handful of videos on math formulas and calculus you can refer to ahead of time. You’ll also receive an email with lots of study material in August.