Scott's Pizza

By Scott Belding

Hello pizza readers,

I have just one review this week, but it's a doozie. The perfect 10! And the updated pizza leaderboard to boot. I will go into pizza hibernation over winter break, but I hope you stay hungry. Good luck on finals! You'll never guess what I would suggest as study fuel...


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Lucali Carroll Gardens

whole pizzas only, 11

Ok, first things first. A regular pizza, no frills, will run you 28 dollars (cash only). Want three toppings? That’ll be 40 bones, Mr. Belvedere. Don’t forget to tip. Second things second, prepare to wait. Unless your last name is Knowles-Carter, you’ll need to get in line 30-45 minutes before Lucali even opens in order to receive the privilege of shelling out wads of cash later in the evening. So there’s a time commitment too. HOWEVER. The crust is a crisp masterpiece, able to support much more weight than its thinness suggests without sacrificing the chewy layer above the lower char. And the toppings: my gods, the toppings. It doesn’t matter if you get nothing besides the standard cheese, sauce, and basil (the freshest of sprigs! Gracious.); what lies atop the crust will blend into a gloriously molten cauldron of flavor and comfort. Feel free to explore beyond the basics: any and all combination of toppings will somehow meld into a wonderful maelstrom, which is a true achievement for any pizzaiolo. Introductory economics classes routinely claim that the fifth slice of pizza eaten confers lesser benefit to the consumer than the first. Lucali will erode that intuition, but any points lost on your Micro final are more than worth it.


Photo: Zomato

Photo: Zomato