Policy Verse Summer Send-off

By The Policy Verse

Farewell dear SIPA! So long to your halls.
Adieu to the fishbowl, where dead ivy falls,
Goodbye IAB fluorescent lighting, yellow’d walls.
Farewell dear Lehman, ye lightless, retro bower! 
Ciao Group Study, where we passed so many an office hour, 
For its summer now! The world is all a-flower!
Our papers submitted, our finals scored, 
We leave yon ivory tower – for desert or fjord.  
So farewell to Altschul, and yer 'er moving boards.
Good riddance Publique lattes, debt-draped SiPals can’t afford. 
Farewell class of 2018: TAs, PAs, dear friends
Take leave of these walls now – but you’re Seeples till the end. 
Go forth ye budding diplomats, leaders, and rights defenders – 
Ascend to great heights, burn bright as embers!
(For everyone else, we Policy Poets will see you come September.)