10 Things I'll Miss About You

By: Claire Pictet

Premature nostalgia is taking over IAB. Second-year students will be graduating soon, and in this time of workshop and capstone reports, many of them are starting to realize that there is only one month left before they leave their fishbowl and venture into the world. Munching on their pens, looking out the window (…are there windows at SIPA?), dreamy, they think about what will be over in a few weeks.

In case you can’t think of any, here are ten things Seeples will miss about SIPA:

  1. The highly powerful water fountain on the 4th floor, which really did its best, guys, and probably had more pressure than your shower at home.

  2. Publique’s affordable, exquisite, 100% arabica coffee and very fresh, organic sushi.

  3. Altschul’s Auditorium’s spacious tables, particularly convenient during micro and macro exams, where very little material (colored pens, actual pen, pencils, rubber erasers, rulers, calculators, scrap paper, blue books) is required.

  4. Lehman Library’s exceptional availability of electrical sockets.

  5. Modern, cardboard-well-decorated, high-speed, high-efficiency elevators, helping students to access the fifth and sixth floors from the fourth since 1970.

  6. Whatsapp group chats’ warm morning greetings, with over 200 unread messages about various lost objects, compassionate clients, urgent emails, birthdays, events, relax / chill / understanding gentle reminders of tight deadlines (<3).

  7. Harpreet Mahajan - the best one-sided pen friend one could ever dream of – and, who-we-shall-not-forget-to-mention, his partner in crime: Citrix.

  8. Core classes, core of your studies, core of your future career, there is never enough of them, it only takes four semesters to complete them all – oops, we are done already.

  9. This comforting feeling at the beginning of each semester of investing 30,000 USD in a meaningful and sustainable cause that will shape the world’s future for the best (we will all find a job, guys; it will all be good.).

  10. The heaters and AC systems that are kind enough to decide for you of when to be cold, when to be hot, no matter what the outside temperature is (is it in Celsius or Fahrenheit? Nobody knows, but don’t worry. We will dress to impress, showing off those muscular arms that took two long years opening the 6th floor’s doors to be shaped!)

Naaah, let’s be serious. What I will truly miss is all of you guys! SIPA was not always easy but you all managed to make it fun. I met some great people here and I can only say that I wish you all the best for the future. May all your dreams come true. Just never forget what Dean Janow told us during our first day of Introduction Week; we are all “the future leaders of the world.” No pressure there, but I am counting on you to prove to “the world” why SIPA people are the best kind of people.